As Twin Flame in full Union, I live a simple lifestyle on Earth. Fueled by unconditional Love, I travel and unravel together with other souls the magic of living a life as concious beings in all realms. Our divine purpose is to spread the universal message of Love and Light. I spread my wings in the forest; spiritual communities and (indigenous) tribes.
Remember the light within!” 
Soul Guidance
On Earth, I accept the mission to guide souls through their awakening process. As Multiverse Channeler, I accept the guidance of light beings from higher dimensions, mostly the Angelic Realms. Together we travel to find the Truth about your soul home, Divine plan, soul purpose and soul mission. I combine light channeling, overshadowing and medial healing to forward messages from our Higher Selfs, (Guardian) Angels, Soulfamily, Lightbeings and beloved ones in the Spiritworld.
“The main purpose of channeling is to bring through spiritual knowledge, wisdom and guidance from ascended beings who are benevolent, loving and want the best for us and earth itself.”
Medicine Art Work(shops)
As an educated artist, I am shifting my work from multidisciplinary 3D storyteller to higher dimensional medicine art. Currently, I express the light best through singing; spoken and written word; illustrations and dance. Spiritual journeys are of high importance in the creation of my work(shops). I use the physical body as a transformative portal for divine healing of the energetic, mental and emotional body.
Open talks
As more and more (light)beings on Mother Earth are going through an awakening process or are ending their reincarnation cycle, I organize heart-opening gatherings and open talks. In addition, I offer one-and-one talks and skype-sessions for whoever needs some guidance. I am experienced in all earthly and spiritual topics ranging from Earth to Heaven and all dimensions in between.
Send me an e-mail when the Universe tells you too ❤