G.G. interactive exhibition

As part of celebrating the launch of my online magazine GOEROE.GURU, I’ve organised a temporary, interactive exhibition in collaboration with Kunstwerkplaats Arnhem. The inspiration was the experience of two pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela and the stories I’ve gathered on my way. Visitors were invited to discover four different elements of self-reflection within themselves:

  • A humanistic form: comparing social bias to reality (eight real-life stories)
  • A spiritual form: asking the Universe for help by writing a wish
  • An artistic form: using written words & fine art as a form of meditation
  • A philosophical form: answering questions about the deeper meaning of Life

The audience members received an instruction map with all the different elements of the exhibition. They were asked to experiment with the concept of an exhibition as there was not a fixed route to walk. The visitors were free to create their own path and to do whatever they felt like doing. Therefore, the exhibition itself remained a living work of art. The people gave meaning to the work, by following the script or by creating their own path.