On the map

This project was a collaboration with the company Dear Hunter. In 2016 the highway A2 in Maastricht [The Netherlands] was placed underground – leaving 2.5 km to built a Green Carpet. It will be filled with grass and trees, but it also needs investors to built hotels and other moneymaking buildings. Unfortunately, it is not an attractive area yet. Currently, if people enter Maastricht they usually go to the front of the station towards the city centre. How can we make people go to the back of the station – where the green carpet is located? I believe the answer  is quite simple: start by providing information about the neighbourhood of Wyckerpoort, which tourists have to cross before reaching the Green Carpet. I focussed on changing the image that people had of this area with a positive and lively map of this popular neighbourhood. The map can be found at the tourist information center of the city, several hotels and at different shops in Wyckerpoort.